Tuesday, October 11, 2011

here comes the sun.

We have been incredibly blessed in my little area of the world with a very nice stretch of weather over the past few days. We were due - OH, WERE WE DUE - and the temps in the 80s and abundant sunshine has turned this mid-October into mid-June, with the bonus of fall foliage and Halloween candy in the stores.

But, lord, is it getting darker. The sun sets at some point between 6-6:30, I think, and isn't up until after 7ish a.m. And it's only going to get darker, longer.

I hate this. You know I hate this. I've talked about it a million times. Nothing shoves me into the blahs faster than the everlasting darkness of the fall and winter.


I am working half days now. So even though the sun sets early, I still get to see it. And in my new office, I have a window. A WINDOW. I see trees, and sun (and rain. and rain. and rain. but also sun!). Both of these things are game-changers for me. In a really good way.

Anything good going on for you this Tuesday?


Dwayne "The Train" said...

i hate your new life.

lgaumond said...

It sure IS beautiful out! Thank goodness because I was looking up one-way tix to San Diego.

Hey, you might be sad about the shorter days, but at least you're not a chicken. Mine are all molting and running around the yard half-naked! It never gets boring, I can tell you that.

Stereo said...

I could deal with the cold. I could deal with the rain and wind. I could deal with all the other BS that comes with winter. But the DARKNESS makes me want to brain myself on my desk at work. Seriously. I hate it.

Tracy said...

See, I love the darkness. I love it. It's the cozy part of the day - people getting home from work - tucking in with their families for supper. Twilight into night - my favorite time of day. :)

Kim said...

I'm with you. I find the darkness profoundly depressing and it's second-worst part of the season change (the worst being the day the snow hits one foot deep).

And this post just reminded me that when daylight savings ends, it's going to be even worse. Oh, Amanda, if I didn't like you so much I'd be very annoyed with you right now.

We are going to need to create some winter cheer-ups, things that cut through all this darkness. Or maybe start a ticker that counts down to December 21 when the days start lengthening again.