Friday, October 07, 2011

weekend update.

Friday Friday Friday! Yay! The forecast for this weekend is fantastic - mid-80 on Sunday (!!!), and I am psyched. Plus, Monday off for Columbus Day! Here's the plan:

Friday: In just a little bit, I am heading out to happy hour with some daycare moms, our new tradition. It is awesome. Don't worry, I only have one drink, and I usually don't even finish it. Then Jane and I are going over my friends' house for pizza and fun times.

Saturday: I am debating bringing Jane to the fall festival I mentioned last weekend. I never ended up going with her, because my sister and brother-in-law took her instead. But I really want some apple fritters! We'll see. If we go, we will have to go very early, because we are supposed to go to a chili cook-off party in the afternoon, which is kind of far away. But, chili!

Sunday: Greg will be home! Yay! YAAAAY! Maybe we'll go to the boat? Not sure. Depends on how tired he is. Otherwise I am sure we will go on Monday. Oh, and on Sunday I will be incredibly jealous as my mom departs for a two-week cruise that will take her to Italy, Greece and Turkey.

All weekend: Celebrating the fact that the invisible fence guy came and fixed it, so my idiot dogs can be free in the yard once again.

What are you up to?


The Thumber said...

Whatever you do, JUST ENJOY!!!

Kim said...

This was last weekend, because I suck at reading blogs on time. Last weekend, I was up to lots of cough drops and generic kleenex. I shredded a lot of paper. OH, and I was drumming my fingers waiting for the finale of Breaking Bad, so I didn't concentrate on much of anything.