Monday, November 14, 2011

empire state of mind.

So as those of you who follow me on Twitter know (and know very very well), I went to NYC on Saturday with my friend Lisa. What was different about this jaunt to the city was the fact that we had no official plan when we got on the train. Pretty much every time I go to New York I'm going to see a show, which is great and everything, but it more or less keeps me in midtown the whole time, and the day is usually pretty structured.

This time was different. When I posted on Facebook that I was heading to New York for the day, friends of mine that live down there started texting and posting to see if we could meet up. So Lisa and I maneuvered around the subway system (mostly successfully, but not 100%, especially the part where Lisa almost got trapped in the closing subway doors after a last-second decision to get off) and met up with my old theater friend and all-around sarcastically awesome friend Mike in SoHo, my talented friend and former intern Bryan at NYU where he is studying theater, and my super-smart friend Melissa...well, let's just say that we were supposed to meet her for coffee in TriBeCa but instead ended up, after an EXTREMELY roundabout trip, back in SoHo and met her for drinks. Many of them.

It was basically a great day. Lots and lots of laughs, got drunk, got to spend the day in the best city in the world - what's better? These pics are from my Blackberry, so they suck, but enjoy anyway.


Dwayne "The Train" said...

where's the picture of you knocking the homeless man out of his chair?

lgaumond said...

This Lisa is jealous of the other Lisa. Very jealous.

Kim said...

That sounds like such an awesome day! Good to let go of the structure every once in a while, huh?

Also, your smile. OMG. I know I must have said this to you a bunch of times already, but holy is it ever gorgeous. I smile myself every time I see it. It's magic.

Brandeewine said...

I love hearing about your trips into NYC! I've only been to New York as a small child, and I sometimes wish I had a life that let me go "into the city" for the day.

It sounds like you had so much fun, and I second Kim's post...great smile! It shows just how much fun you're having!

Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!

Bryan Austermann said...

I didn't see this before! WOOT! I miss this day.