Friday, November 18, 2011

weekend update.

My friend Dwayne (yes, Dwayne, I will call you my friend, here, in public, on the internet. If you want to deny it, start your own blog.) reminded me today, via the Twitters, that I have not done one of my weekend update posts in a while. And since I've been such a shitty blogger lately anyway, I said what the hey. Here is what I am up to this weekend*:

Today: Counting down the minutes (71 to go) until happy hour with my daycare mom friends. If this is not the best tradition I have taken part in this year, I don't know what is. One glass of wine on Friday afternoon, right before pickup? Oh yes. Yes, please. After that, I'm off to my friend Jen's house for dip night, an amazeballs evening of friends and various dips. Dip is, like, my favorite thing. Well, after friends. So basically, best night ever.

Saturday: Chores, etc, during the day, and then at night I'm having another mess of friends over for game night. This has kind of blown up from a small gathering to more of a party. The best part is, I have no games here, except for Candyland. I just wanted to get this particular group of friends together. So I invited them, and then demanded they bring the entertainment. What?

Sunday: I've got rehearsal Sunday afternoon, and that's about all that is officially scheduled. Speaking of rehearsal - three weeks 'til show. Holy shit! I am having the time of my life. Every morning when I do my four miles, I do a brain dump of all of my lines. Out loud, in the middle of the street, at 6 a.m. Like a crazy person!

That's my weekend. What are you up to? Dwayne?

*Just got an email from one of the daycare moms. Her daughter, who Jane is besties with, is puking at school. So this whole intinerary could be replaced with : CLEANING UP PUKE.


Shane said...


Dwayne "The Train" said...

a) i like that i have my own edition.

b) i must have misplaced the invitation to game night, but thanks for inviting me...which i am sure you did, because we friends and i like to play games.

3) when i do start my own blog, it will kick your blog's ass.

d) my weekend is going to be filled with homework and probably NOT watching the new twilight movie and the real housewives of beverly hills.

Kim said...

I really, really, really hope you were not cleaning up puke this weekend. There is just no time.

I'm thinking that the reason all the local moms look so miserable when they're picking up their kids at the bus stop is that they don't know they're supposed to have a glass of wine before doing it. I might have to edumacate them.

Tracy said...

Indeed! What Kim said.