Monday, February 13, 2012

2/13 randoms

Happy Monday, friends!

Some bits and pieces:

I am so sad about Whitney Houston. Hers was the first concert I ever saw, back in 1987, at the Hartford Civic Center. (Side note: Kenny G opened.) I loved her so much – and in those days, she really was an excellent role model for my nerdy middle school-self. What a waste of a life, of such great talent. When I was watching her videos that were running all morning on MTV yesterday, I found that I remembered the lyrics to almost all of them, some that I have not heard in years and years. Bobby Brown ruined her life. (I know, it’s probably more true that she ruined her own life, but I think it would have gone much better if she didn’t get mixed up with him.) I’m much more upset about this celebrity death than I have been about any other, including Michael Jackson, and I think it’s just because I looked up to her so much during a particularly vulnerable time of my life. I feel like she betrayed my 12-year-old self. Weird, right?

Did you watch the Grammys last night? I didn’t. But I sure did enjoy reading everyone’s Tweets about them. I’m finding these days that I enjoy big pop culture events (Grammys, Oscars, Super Bowl commercials) much more when having a stream of clever comments about them to read on Twitter and Facebook. I didn’t have to watch a second of the Grammys to know what happened. Things I know I have to YouTube today are Adele’s performance and Jennifer Hudson’s tribute. Things I know I’m just fine with not wasting a second of my life on include anything Grammy-related having to do with Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Ooooh – I hate that Chris Brown. What a tremendous douchebag, and one that we should not be awarding. Ass. (Another side note: I stopped watching the Grammys in the late 80s, when Jethro Tull got the Grammy over Metallica. My hair band-loving high school self DID NOT APPROVE.)

Our New York plans for Saturday fell apart, as you know, so I ended up going to the movies with some friends on Saturday night. We saw The Vow. It was an adequate chick flick, and hell, I enjoy just going to the movies at all, never mind what I am seeing, but that Channing Tatum isn’t much of an actor, is he? It didn’t matter, we had lots of fun, and even closed down the restaurant bar we went to after. How bout that?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so I am sending love and virtual candy hearts to you all. I loved Valentine’s Day the most as a child, and so that’s how I approach it. Just a fun day, a little bright spot in the dreariness of winter. I’ve always enjoyed it – even during the many, many Valentine’s Days I’ve spent single. It’s a Hallmark holiday, yeah, but so what? IT INVOLVES CANDY. And who doesn’t love candy? And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? LOVE OF CANDY? It is for me. Tonight we will be making cupcakes for Jane’s class and getting all of her valentines in order for her friends and teachers. I am sure I will have to taste test one of the cupcakes. Or three. OK, not three. Probably.

What’s up with you?


Bryan Austermann said...

I have not been that affected by the passing of Whitney, mostly because I never listened to her music (aside from I Will Always Love You - I actually have a version of by Stephanie J. Block and the writer of the song Dolly Parton that I love dearly and more than the Whitney version I think - but that's probably just me being a total Bway nerd.) but it is clear that this was a waste of an amazing talent and voice. I feel as if her talent had been lost before she died though due to her drug problems and such.

I did not watch the Grammys. I also enjoyed reading the posts on Twitter and Facebook. I need to listen to that Adele chick clearly! I only know the mega hit songs that are played allllll the time, but I bet her other stuff is just as good. And all I'm saying is.... Avenue Q beat Wicked and I still watch The Tony Awards.

I want those cupcakes. I used to enjoy valentines day as a child too because of all the candy, but once I got into later middle school and the candy at school started to disappear, the holiday doesn't matter to me much at all. But that's just my life. Plus for the past few years I've been in a Valentine's Cabaret, so I get my fill of the lovey dovey junk then. Last year I worked at the OG on Vday and this year, I have studio and Macbeth rehearsal. So yup. That's my life.

TQ said...

I was at the concert in 1987 in Hartford,too and it was also my very first concert!! That gave me chills when I read that in your blog. I absolutely loved that girl back then. I was in the 10th row...what a treat that was!! Such a wasted life and I totally agree with you about her involvement with Bobby Brown. How she ever fell for that loser is beyond me. She will be sorely missed.