Friday, February 03, 2012

weekend. update.

Well, I thought I’d lighten up the joint after the post about religion the other day with a little weekend update. Things are a little busy up in here this weekend. Here’s what’s up:
Friday: I worked, ran errands (including a trip to the mothership) and am soon off to happy happy, joy joy hour. Tonight we’ll probably watch Hangover 2, which I know isn’t supposed to be that great, but eh, we have it, and I refuse to keep these movies sent to me from Blockbuster in my house for more than a week before I send them back, watched or not. I was getting into the habit of hanging on to the movies for months at a time, which made no sense financially and, really, if I don’t watch something within a few days, I probably don’t want to actually see it. Anyway, after that it would not surprise me even a little bit if I watched another ep or two of Downton Abbey. That show has got me hook, line and sinker, as expected.
Saturday: Well, Saturday morning starts off bright and early with Jane’s first swimming lesson! Hopefully it will go better than the kindergarten meeting on Wednesday. (Short version: she really, really didn’t want me to leave her in the classroom alone with the teacher and kids. She bawled. She was the only kid in that class who bawled! Those other kids have nerves of steel! So I stayed. There we a couple of dads who stayed too. All of the other parents, including Greg, went to the cafeteria to learn more about HOW. IMPORTANT. IT. IS. TO. READ. TO. YOUR. CHILD. (spoiler alert: very.) At one point, while the kids were doing an art project, I told her I had to go to the bathroom and hung in the hallway for about 20 minutes, and she did fine. Baby steps with this, as I suspected. But UGH.) Anyway, swim lessons! Tomorrow night I am going to a fundraiser for a friend (actually, an ex-boyfriend now friend) who had to have  a very unexpected heart transplant this year. He’s doing well, thankfully.
Sunday: Well, church. But you already knew that. And then Superbowl! Yay! My friend Heather is having her annual party. It will surprise you not at all to know that I don’t watch the game, really, but am obsessed with the commercials. The one with Matthew Broderick reprising his Ferris Bueller role makes my head explode with joy, never mind the VW one with the dogs barking the Star Wars theme.
And you?


Brandeewine said...

"Spoiler alert: very!" *Snort*

Have a great weekend! We're just doing the Friday dinner out, Football Saturday, chores Sunday routine. There may be a family meeting somewhere in there, involving my role as "Meanest Mother in the Universe." (Just wait, your day is coming!)

Bryan Austermann said...

Yesterday: Played the Godspell lotto and lost. (It was their 100th performance!) Then I did some homeworks. Then I watched some TV on my computer. Then I was sad.

Today! More homework, then Macbeth rehearsal, then something... then Gavin Creel and Stephen Oremus concert!! And after that.... partying hard.

Tomorrow: More homework, rehearsal for the Valentines Cabaret I'm in next weekend at home that I'm literally going to show up at the theatre when the performance begins... YIKES! Then work on a project, and another Macbeth rehearsal. Assistant Stage Managing y'all!

lgaumond said...

Well my weekend is the same as always. Boring and structure-free. Luke is sleeping in right now since he got home from work at 6am. I'm checking in online before hitting the treadmill. I have a box of catalog bindings to sew for work and I'm planning to try Downton Abbey again since I feel like I must be broken if I'm the only person alive who couldn't stand it. We're most likely going to work on the boat later and probably go to bed early. Tomorrow I have lots of unhealthy food to make before we go to our friends' house for the Puppy Bowl, I mean Superbowl. Whatever. So that's it. Super exciting.