Friday, September 21, 2012

weekend update, and other random things.

Hello, hello. Sooo happy it’s Friday. Now that Jane’s in school the weekdays are so crazy – I was out doing things Monday (dance class), Tuesday (PTO meeting), and Wednesday (theater meeting) nights, and on Thursday my old friend acid reflux decided to rear its ugly head. Gross.
I’m co-directing a fundraiser/variety show for my theater group, and a lot of this week has been about solidifying a cast. We had to reschedule the show from October to December, but I think things are in pretty decent shape, for the time being. This was supposed to be an easy project – not so much. Not so much AT ALL.
I actually liked my first PTO meeting! I’m such a nerdy joiner. I’m pretty sure I volunteered to be the public liaison for the PTO. I figure the only way I’ll know what is going on at Jane’s school is to get involved. And she’s too young to be embarrassed by me – for now, anyway.
Have you been watching any of the new shows this fall? My tally right now:
Shows I love: The New Normal (and I especially love love love Andrew Rannells, who I saw inThe Book of Mormon)
Shows I like, and will continue watching for now: The Mindy Project, Go On
Shows that get one more watch and if it doesn’t get better, DELETE: Revolution
Shows I couldn’t make it 10 minutes through: Men with Kids. Or Guys with Kids? Whatever it’s called. Sucked. So hard.
So this weekend we’re shaking it up by not being at the boat the entire time. We just got home from the back to school picnic at Jane’s school. Tomorrow night we have a 30th birthday party to go to for a friend of mine. Sunday is my birthday – and yes, I believe we’ll be at the boat. Hoping to take a trip over here. And Greg’s making me a cake. And I plan to eat an indecent amount of it.
I hope you have a magnificent weekend, all y’all!
PS My friend Bryan, who is a theater student at NYU, has started up a fancy blog (which I named). Please go check out AusterMania.


Stereo said...

Because Justin Bartha is my future ex-husband, I will watch The New Normal almost religiously. Praise be for the internet because Lord knows we won't get it over here for months.

Tracy said...

Okay, so do you ever sit down? :) Love hearing about your activities. I plan to get involved when AnneShirley starts school too. Hugs!