Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am ridiculous, and other adventures in NYC.

So yeah. The NYC trip was ridiculous and amazing, as always. Every time I go to New York I get super hyped up, and then I think, “maybe it just won’t be as fun this time.” And then it is. And more.

Beth, Lisa and I were on the train early on Saturday morning, and after a Metro-North train, subway, PATH train and light rail train, we were in Lisa’s new apartment in NJ. Oh – there was a little bit of a hike with our bags too, but we won’t get into that. An hour or so later, we were back in the city and met up with the one and only Bryan.
You may be wondering to yourself why a young NYU theater student would want to hang out with some old biddies like us. Bryan was an intern for Beth and myself back when I used to work with Beth at my old job. So when we visit the NYC, we make him hang out with us. Somehow, he seems to sincerely enjoy it, and laughs at everything we say. I wish I could carry him around in my pocket, but 1) he’s too tall and 2) he’s got a theater world to conquer.
Anyway, by this point I was so hungry I was ready to gnaw off my arm, so we found this sports bar and ate all manner of fried appetizers for lunch, and it was awesome.. After that we went to Molly's Cupcakes and I’ll tell you this – they are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in New York. Perhaps anywhere? Magnolia and Crumbs can shove it, for all I care. This time I had a pumpkin spice cupcake and I wanted to marry it. Bryan had three cupcakes, by the way.
After that we went to Washington Square Park and took some of the insane photos you see below. Many were recreations of previous pics we took the last time we were all together. Because we are JUST THAT COOL. I think it’s important to note that we were all 100% sober at the time. You wouldn’t think so, right?
After THAT, we parted ways with Bryan and headed to Hell’s Kitchen area for drinking and eating fun. Beth, Lisa and I stopped for a drink (I can’t remember where…things get increasingly fuzzy at this point) (ETA: Beth remembered. It was Vlada.) and then had a glorious reunion with our friends Justin (who lives in LA), Shawn (who lives in Astoria) and new friend Brent (who also lives in Astoria) at Vynl. We ate and drank and acted stupid and then carried on to Therapy where we drank more and reunited with MORE friends like Leah and Melissa and Bryan again and it was just great. I mean, seriously great.
Around midnight we high-tailed it back to the PATH station to start our commute back to Lisa’s before the trains shut down for the night. Along the way something SO RIDICULOUS happened to me that the first thing I said was “please don’t post this on Facebook!!!’” This means it’s really insane because I’ll post pretty much anything on Facebook as many of you well know. And if you think I’m re-telling the story here, you’re crazy. But suffice to say, I am an enormous, enormous ass, and there is photographic evidence of this. But oh, it was so so so so so funny and I don’t think Bryan will ever, not ever, stop laughing about it.
After we handled THAT escapade, we headed back to Lisa’s and had a sleepover. The next morning we went to breakfast in Hoboken, and it was back home to CT. Ten minutes after I walked in the door, Greg, Jane and I were back in the car, headed to my friends’ house for a thoroughly delicious and entertaining Canadian Thanksgiving celebration.
What a whirlwind this weekend was. Relaxing? Not even a little bit. Can I wait to do it again? Nope.

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Bryan Austermann said...

I DO sincerely enjoy hanging out with you people. And for some reason the second I'm with you, every single word you utter is completely hilarious to me. It's good to be that unaffectedly happy sometimes.

Molly's Cupcakes. They won my heart. Just as they won Cupcake Wars.

I will never stop laughing about the hilarious escapade! I've laughed about it 3 times already since reading your post. "Do you think anyone can tell it's broken?"