Thursday, October 11, 2012

save the date.

When I was younger, I used to always make sure I had something to look forward to. A vacation, a day trip, a show…something on the calendar that I was really psyched about, that had me counting down the days. Easy enough, right? But it’s also very easy to slide into a schedule of day-to-day drudgery - work, kid stuff, chores, appointments -you know the drill. And I'm realizing that’s just not acceptable, you know?

With that, I present my list of epic things I’m looking forward to over the next month:
*Trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. Haven’t been there since my tweet up with these three! And I miss it big time.
*A belated Canadian Thanksgiving dinner hosted by two of my favorite friends, Todd and Alan. Alan is making his triumphant return back to the States after six months working in Germany. Yay Alan!
*A surprise party I’m going to this weekend, and although I’m certain the guest of honor doesn’t read this blog, that’s all I’ll say about that.
*Halloween! Because, duh.
*Election Day! Nerdy to the maximum extreme, I know, but even though I find this race gut-wrenching and acid reflux-inducing, election day is super-exciting to me.
What good stuff is on your calendar?

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Unknown said...

I too am excited for Election Day. I get to vote this year!

What I am most excited for just started about 3 hours ago. FALL BREAK. I was really starting to go crazy, and still feel I am - stress/sad eating and the works, but I've got 4 days without class. But I am filling that time up rul fast and I've got plenty that I still have to do for class in that time. (12 page paper due in less than a week) BUT this break is just really needed for my mental well being at the moment.

I am excited to hopefully see you when you are here! (If you wanna see me, that is)

I'm also excited for New Years. I know that sounds like kind of a far way away, but if all goes to plan, I should have lots of fun with friends and some other fun that is not appropriate for mention in this blog comment.

But yup.

OH! Also.. I am going to be going to see the new Broadway play The Performers for FREE in a couple weeks! Exciting!