Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what (not) to wear.

At the end of every season, like clockwork, I get the urge to burn every last item of my clothing. I get so incredibly sick of everything in my closet and drawers. So I paw through everything, and do a major purge. I just did this the other day, and I have two giant garbage bags full of clothes ready to drop off at Goodwill in my car right now.
I’m pretty harsh with my (fairly pathetic) inventory of clothes. At this point, if I haven’t worn it once during the season, it’s going to Goodwill. Even if it still has the tags on it. I impulse buy cheap clothes a lot, and end up with lots of things that never looked right on me in the first place. Add in the fact that a large percentage of my current inventory fit me before losing 20 pounds this spring, and I’m pretty much screwed at the moment in terms of what (or what not) to wear.
Weekends are easy. I have my uniform of jeans and sweaters or whatever. Let’s be real – I don’t live a fancy life. Nearly 100% of the time, jeans are just fine for my weekends, and Fridays during the work week. I actually do have a party to go to this weekend that is requiring a little bit more than that, and it’s sent me into a little bit of a tailspin.
But right now I barely have anything to wear to work. I have a total of one (1) (ONE) pair of pants that fit decently. I have a couple of dresses that can be transitioned from summer to fall with tights and boots, like I’m wearing today. But I definitely need some more choices – or I will literally be wearing the same exact outfits week after week.
As I get older (knock, knock, knockin’ on forty's door), I find myself wanting more quality than quantity in terms of what I wear. I haven’t put this into action yet, but I do have some money to spend on clothes that Greg gave me for my birthday (that I can FINALLY spend because TD Bank FINALLY OFFICIALLY gave me my stolen money back today! Whoo!!). And I think, this time around, I’m going to get a couple of really good quality items (boots, new pants, possibly a new coat) rather than a whole bunch of new things from, say, Old Navy, which never look that great and, frankly, are a little bit young for me at this point. I rarely buy anything decent for myself because most of my money goes towards Target trips and stuff for Jane and grocery shopping and BORING. It is extremely rare that I splurge on myself.
At the end of the day, I think I’m aiming for a really reduced wardrobe, but one that actually looks good and lasts. And doesn’t look like I’m trying to fit in with the college crowd (was it my wrinkles or my 5-year-old that gave me away??).
What are you wanting to add to your closet these days? Links, please!


Leese said...

LOFT. Love it and they have pants that fit every SHAPE...

Shakti said...

I'm the same way. I buy a lot of cheap/on sale clothes that I don't LOVE or even wear. I try to follow Tim Gunn's guide to cleaning my closet (1 pile of things that don't fit, 1 pile things that need to be fixed, 1 pile things you haven't worn but love, and 1 pile of clothes to keep. you donate the clothes that don't fit, give yourself a week or two to get the clothes fixed/tailored that need it, and if you don't you donate them too. the pile of clothes you love but have never find an excuse to wear them)

I'm also shooting for quality rather than quantity, which can be SO difficult. I really dig things like "10 or 100 items every woman should own" because there's a bunch of crap in there you don't need, but definitely things you do!

lgaumond said...

I agree about LOFT. The pants always fit, the stuff is great quality, and there's an outlet in Westbrook! If something of mine wasn't purchased at TJ Maxx, I probably got it at LOFT.

Also, can I shout a little HALLELUJAH that you're getting rig of your saggy-ass pants that don't fit? It's about time, lady.

And one more shout out to TD Bank for finally un-stealing your cash. Was it the Twitter-shaming that did it?

Stereo said...

Are we the same person? Because this is me (although I still baulk at throwing old clothes out EVEN WHEN I NEED TO and it is only the fear of appearing on an episode of Hoarders with my family standing tearfully around me pleading with me to change that propels me to get rid of anything at all).

Quality over quantity is something I am aspiring to (although I will HARDLY EVER pay full price for something - Mama T's influence) so i am adding well tailored blazers, good leather boots and a bunch of basics to my wardrobe that I can accessorise the hell out of.

Bryan Austermann said...

You can still fit in with the college crowd. I am proof of that. But nice, lasting clothes are good. I approve of your life choices.

Things I want to add to my wardrobe - I want to go back to the simplicity of wearing my show shirts. Life was easy then, but lacked sexiness. (Not that I really think I'm sexy, I just think after my weight loss, my new snugger fitting clothing is doing well for me.) It's just so much more effort than looking at my schedule.