Thursday, January 24, 2013

things I love: winter doldrums edition, part 2

Well, the winter blues are still dragging me down, so I thought I’d talk about five more things that are lifting me up these cold-ass days:
*This new mug from Anthropologie. The last thing on earth I need is another mug in the house, but it made me smile and right now, inexpensive things that make me smile are oh-so-worth it. I’d rather spend my cash on a one-way ticket to San Diego, however….
*These flowers Jane and I picked out at Whole Foods. I sorely needed a dose of spring in this frigid, icy weather.
*Rehearsal. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m helping out with my theater group’s production of Li’l Abner this winter. I’m not hugely involved, as I will be directing the next show and that will keep me away from home a lot. But the weekly doses I get of rehearsal just make me so happy that I’ve kept up with this ridiculous hobby of mine. Plus, I don’t have to memorize any lines, which is a huge bonus.
*As you know, I’m laying off talking about Jane’s life here on the blog, but I have to just quickly say how thrilled I am that she seems to be doing well with her work – loving the stars and comments from her teacher on her homework (and girl has lots of homework). I work hard with her in the morning on her reading and writing, and it just makes me feel good that maybe I’m helping a little bit.
*A new schedule on the horizon. I know, I know, Jane has five more months of kindergarten, which means five more months of this ridiculous schedule that has me racing off to work at 11:30 a.m. when she leaves for school. We’re only halfway through the school year, really. But this whole afternoon kindergarten thing is still weird to me, and I will be JUST SO HAPPY when summer is here and she heads to camp in the morning and I can go to work at a normal time. We definitely keep busy in the mornings, but it just all feels like a delayed start to the real part of the day (work/school).
What are you loving today?

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Tracy Mangold said...

oooh like no, love the mug! i cannot resist a pretty mug. mugs and bags are my weakness. i can't believe five more months of kindergarten only! Time flies. AnneShirley starts in the Fall. She is excited. It's going to be an adjustment for sure. I'm glad you are staying busy and as always, I love hearing about it. :)