Tuesday, April 03, 2007

aaand..she's back

This is a picture of some seals (or sea lions?) in La Jolla.

As expected, San Diego was awesome. The weather was perfect every day, and we had a lot of fun. Every day, we did something touristy in the morning/early afternoon - went to the Gaslamp District, Coronado Island, San Diego Zoo, La Jolla, and the Midway Navy boat (huge ass boat that fought in WWII) - and then in the late afternoon we hung by the pool. I did a lot more walking around than I expected, but it's good for me. I was extremely sad to come home - seriously, I had tears in my eyes when I was going to work this morning - but I guess that's all a sign of a good vacation. It was really good for Greg and I to spend some quality alone time together. Things have been so stressful lately and it was a good break. And now that we're back in CT, we wonder - why the hell do we live here? If it wasn't for our families and friends, we'd definitely be on the West coast, or at least in warmer weather on the East coast. I can't stand this cold crap anymore.

Now I am going headfirst into an extremely crazy week - Greg's birthday, my mom's birthday, production stuff for Grease and we're hosting Easter. Arrrrghh!

FYI Tomorrow is my one year anniversary on this blog. Whoo hoo! Hasn't it been sooooo interesting? And enlightening? And what not?

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lgaumond said...

Yay! Welcome back. And happy anniversary! I love your blog, and I miss your weekend precaps.