Monday, April 23, 2007

holding the door

Here's the thing about being pregnant - people, sometimes complete strangers, will be nice to you in a way that they may not have been previously. Like, if you drop something, they'll pick it up. Or they will stop their car to let you cross the street. Or, for example today: I was rushing to grab the elevator in the parking garage where my car relaxes during the work day. Usually the group of people will let the door shut, and, assumedly, laugh their way all the way up at my misfortune. Today, they held the elevator door for me. However, it was with a caveat, as one woman in the elevator told me - "We only held it because you're pregnant." She said it in a joking way, but still.

Oh well, guess I'll just take advantage of the niceness of humankind for the next 14 weeks, until it's back to the regularly scheduled rudeness.


Flann said...

I like to jab the "door close" button repeatedly when I see people coming, then laugh the whole way up in the elevator, luxuriating in having my own elevator car.

lgaumond said...

That's so rude for that woman to say to you. Seriously! How awful. You should develop pregnancy hormone-induced Tourette Syndrome so you can tell people what you really think of them. They'll forgive you because you're pregnant.

The Diva said...

If I remember correctly, you benefit from having someone in that elevator with you, because if it goes out then there will probably be at least one cell phone between you and possibly some mints in case you get stuck. That woman has it coming.