Friday, April 20, 2007

celebrity encounter

OK, so I will once again mention that I don't write about work on here, but I will say that I was in New York for the past couple of days for a work conference, and at one of the functions I met Hunter Bell from what is probably my second-favorite show of all time, [title of show]. He was super-nice and I must say, it was pretty exciting for this theater nerd. I will now, AGAIN, urge you to get your fannies out to the store and buy the soundtrack to their show, because you will not only enjoy the music, you will laugh and laugh. Or check out their really funny blog on their website.

In other news, I'm just happy to be home now. I'm exhausted and thrilled that it's almost the weekend. If you have no plans and want to check out some local theater fun, I'll be hanging out at SCT this weekend for our production of Grease. And since, as we all know, Rizzo turns out not to be pregnant at the end, I am not actually in the show. But I'll be working house and helping out as much as my swollen and tired feet will allow (by the way, I was not complaining about pregnancy there - I was being descriptive!). I am also very happy that the weather is finally supposed to be nice this weekend. The 70s! Holy crap! It hasn't been that warm since....January.


lgaumond said...

Nice descriptiveness! I was wondering what happened to you. Did Flannery go to NY, too? It's been a blog wasteland lately. Glad you're back.

Amanda said...

Flannery wasn't in NYC. Tell her to update her blog!

Flann said...

I hear ya, I hear ya!