Tuesday, July 03, 2007

fourth this

So I took today off of work -took a precious, precious personal day - so I could get my house ready for Fourth of July. What kind of stupid ass plans to have a bunch of people over three weeks before she's due? Me. I'm that kind of stupid ass. It's hard, y'all, to bend over and clean stuff. It hurts. I'm having contractions (not "real" contractions, the Braxton Hicks kind) that are getting more intense because I continue to not just chill out. I still don't feel like we're ready, but due to last night's insomnia, I'm beat now. It's time to lie down.

Is anyone proud at how much I'm blogging lately? I think I deserve a golden prize. Or maybe I would deserve a golden prize if my posts were interesting in any way. OK, maybe I deserve a silver prize.

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lgaumond said...

I am VERY proud of you. If I had a golden prize, I would definitely give it to you.

And I agree that you're insane to have a party three weeks before you're due!