Friday, July 06, 2007

I have a feeling

So, today, all of the sudden, I have this feeling that something's going to happen; specifically, that this baby is coming soon. I'm not sure exactly why, and Lord knows I could be (and hopefully AM) completely wrong, but there's something about the exhaustion, the very heavy feeling in my big ol' gut, and perhaps the fact that people are exclaiming at how much I've "dropped" that has me feeling that this thing is coming sooner rather than later.

Or, perhaps, it's Jimmy that's making me feel this way.

Greg and I have always maintained that Jimmy is going to have some sort of major health crisis right around the time I give birth. When anything has been amiss during this pregnancy - whether we were scared it ended, or I got a weird result back, or whatever - Jimmy managed to have a raging ear infection, or a swollen butt, or whatever. You know, because he needs the attention.

Because I'm such a fabulous pet owner, I didn't notice until yesterday that Jimmy's famed toenail, the one he lost in the bloodbath of '06, was gone again. I didn't notice that he lost it, but I have noticed he seems especially obsessed with his foot lately. The thing I noticed more was how he was doing his trademarked "sit'n'spin" twirls on the rug, which indicates when he needs to have his anal glands expressed, so he was off to the vet today anyway. The fact I finally noticed his missing nail was just something else to ask the vet about.

So, Greg took young James today, and $83 later, he has a freshly squeezed butt and antibiotics he has two take twice a day (for his infected nail area) and a solution that his foot has to be soaked in three times a day (again, for the nail area), and, oh, we need to keep his foot dry, and keep him from chewing on the area. Yeah right. YEAH RIGHT.

Is this it, Jimmy? Is the baby coming soon? Or do you have something even more ridiculous cooked up for a couple of weeks from now, when I'm really due? Will it be back to the warm butt compresses twice a day? Or something else? Because having to deal with soaking your foot three times a day at 8.5 months pregnant is really awesome enough, I swear.

(this picture is of Jimmy, contemplating his next bid for attention)

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lgaumond said...

That is so funny. I mean terrible, that's terrible. But at least the picture is cute.