Saturday, June 14, 2008

An (early) birthday quiz for Alan's big day!

OK, before we get started, I kept the previous blog post, because it is Jane's official first post. I was typing, she came over and started whacking on the keyboard and somehow managed to publish that post.

Anyway, tomorrow is ALAN'S BIG BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate, here is a little True or False quiz about him. Answers to be revealed tomorrow:

1) Despite a thorough dislike for the Barenaked Ladies, Alan is Canadian, and, because Jane is 1/someteenth percent French-Canadian, he is her Canadianfather.

2) Alan is well and truly obsessed with musicals, and in particular, the musical RENT.

3) Alan has an unhealthy obsession - nay, hatred - for squirrels.

4) Alan loves birds, and would sit in his backyard and observe them all day if he could.

5) Alan wears a lab coat to work every day.

6) Alan is a huge reality television fan, and would just DIE if he missed Survivor every week.

7) Alan goes to church every Sunday, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

8) Alan co-starred with me in one of my all-time favorite theatrical experiences, SCT's production of Love Letters. He is also starring in STAR TREK: THE KLINGTASTIC MUSICAL (aka The Twilight Zone) at Hole in the Wall Theater this summer.

9) Alan is my number-one e-mail buddy, and when he goes on vacation (which he and his main squeeze, Todd, do unusually often) I make him send me a postcard because I'm so blue when he's gone.

10) Alan sometimes wishes he was a little girl, just so he could sing "Tomorrow" in Annie.

11) Alan turns the big 4-0 tomorrow!

HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY, ALAN!!!!!!

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Alan said...

Thank you! This gave me many a belly laugh! If I had known that birthdays could come with quizzes in my honour (spelling intended!) then I would pay more attention to them.

I am still hopeful that we will still be friends on Monday considering that I will be over 40 and all.

I can't wait for the answers to be revealed tomorrow - I hope I score well!