Thursday, June 05, 2008

losing faith

This disgusts me.

I have worked in Hartford for eight years, and have often laughed at people who think it's a dangerous city.

But apparently looking both ways when you cross the road isn't enough anymore. Oh, and caring about someone who was sent flying through the air after being smashed by a car is passe as well.

I often used the words "enraged" and "outraged" semi-sarcastically, but this time it's for real. WTF, people? Where has the common decency gone?


lgaumond said...

I assume you're talking about that poor man who was hit the other day and not you, hopefully.

The surveillance footage of that other man's accident makes me ill. People are just driving past, walking by trying not to pay attention. It's sickening. I am also enraged.

Oz said...

It's horrible. I can't even watch it.