Tuesday, June 24, 2008

it's not you, it's me

I've been waiting to be in a good mood to write a nice, cheery blog entry. But dudes, it's, at this point, fifteenth verse, same as the first - Jane has a cold, and now I have it too. I'm so stuffed up right now, and completely miserable, and it triple sucks because it's summer! The time of year everyone told me would be soooo much better, and Jane wouldn't be sick, and blah blah blahhhh....bullshit. I'm running on minus-empty right now.

Anyway, what else is going on? Well, aside from the fact that I've obviously figured out how to post YouTube videos on this here blog, things have been pretty busy over here. We're about halfway through rehearsals for All Shook Up, which is July 25 and 26 - only a month away. Craziness. Jane's 11 monthiversary was yesterday - she's now a crawling maniac and has been pulling herself halfway up, as well as crawling in this weird, ass-in-the-air kind of way that makes me think she's starting to contemplate walking. Or, at the very least, she knows it's an option. We've been planning our Fourth of July party, as well as Jane's FIRST BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA (I'm trying to make that sound a lot more exciting than it's going to be). And by "planning" I mean obsessing about all of the house and yard work I have to do when I have some energy to get off the couch.

So that's about it. F-ing completely lame, I know. I'm sorry! I will leave you with this highly entertaining episode of the [title of show] show. Hey! Have I mentioned that it's opening on Broadway on July 17 (previews start on July 5)? Anyway, this episode has loads of Broadway cameos, and I strongly suggest that you watch through the credits, because the very end is the most hilarious part.


Alan said...

That was hilarious! I just might have to see this show. I know! I know! I had better or you're going to break up with me. I know.

But let me get this right. Fans of [title of show] are called tossers? Hmmmmm.....

Amanda said...

You really should watch all the eps from the beginning. You'll laugh your ass off, seriously.