Monday, June 30, 2008

things and stuff

You know what annoys me so much? When people don't update their blogs. And when they do, all they do is post a picture or some random You Tube video and then you don't hear from them again for another week. What the hell? Why have a blog in the first place?

Oh. Yeah.

Well, anyway, I'm back! What has happened in the last week? Well, Jane and I are still bogged down with colds, but whatever, that's how we roll these days. Maybe I should rename us, so instead of being Jane And Amanda we can be Snots And Boogers or Phlegm and Nastiness. Those could be our street names or something. Pretty gangsta, if you ask me.

Despite that, we've been busy over here. This past weekend we spent our first night down at the boat. So, um, that was interesting. It involved a lot of crying and not sleeping and general crankiness, and I'm not even talking about Jane. Well, yeah I am, but none of us got much sleep, because as it turns out, the Between the Bridges Marina peeps know how to PARTAY on a Friday night and make a lot of noise until about 2 a.m. These crazy kids and their wacky, loud music.

On Saturday I drove my dirty, tired ass home from the boat to get ready for Beth's wedding and drive right back down Route 9 to Chester. It was a very pretty lovely sparkly love-a-riffic ceremony, and I was so happy to be there. Unfortunately, Lisa couldn't join us for the festivities because she's been struck with the Cold That Would Never Die, but she was there in spirit.

Since then, we've been working on getting things ready for our big Fourth of July fiesta of fun on Friday (oooh, how 'bout all of that alliteration?). I hate cleaning but this gives me a good reason to really scrub, and not half-ass it as usual. Why, just this evening I told Greg I wouldn't die of humiliation if someone walked into our house right now! But then, of course, the dogs dragged their mulch-covered selves in and dirtied things up again.

I've also been working on the big All Shook Up show, coming to a theater near you July 25 and 26! My co-director is off to Ireland for 12 days, so hopefully I won't mangle the show too badly in her absence.

That's all here! Thanks for tuning in for another installment of "This Is My [Boring] Life."

And because Shane said he refuses to see [title of show], here is another installment of the [title of show] show, featuring the very deelicious Cheyenne Jackson!


The Diva said...

Um, I totally resemble that.

Get better before I see you, I don't want your snot as much as I love you.

Flann said...

The undead cold has made its way upto MA and found me.

Yay a day to catch up on blogs!

I like Snots and Boogers as street names.

Alan said...

Yo, Snots! Glad you haven't completely given up on the blog. Fo-shizzle. I guess to stick with the cold theme that should be "Fo-schnozzle"

Anyway, you're wearing me down with this [tos] thing. I just might be almost convinced to see this show....

Amanda said...

Alan, if you, of all people, don't go see this show, we're breaking up.