Friday, April 17, 2009

weekend. update.

It's Friday, all y'all! And I am here to announce some things that are making me happy:

*It's, like, 70 degrees out or something. Suck on that, winter!

*We have friends coming up from New Jersey this weekend who we haven't seen in a long time.

*And my mom is coming to babysit tonight. Which means I get to go out.

*With other adult-like people.

*And have a cocktail.

*Or two.

Have a great weekend!


Audrey said...

Have fun lady!!! :)

lgaumond said...

I'm very late in wishing you a fun night out with the diaperless, also a lovely weekend so instead I will just say - am I seeing things, or did Hugh Jackman send you a DM on Twitter? Why did that not make you list of things that make you happy??

Lora said...

i hope you had tons of fun, but just enough so saturday morning wasn't a drag!

dadshouse said...

Here's to cocktails! I'm a single dad (half time custody) with no family in the area, so I can relate to the lack of adult time on a regular basis.