Saturday, April 11, 2009

why I owe Whole Foods $37

Today was a busy day of chores, getting ready to host Easter (yet again) tomorrow. Have I mentioned how I really don't like hosting Easter? Bah humbug. Anyway, we had to stop at Whole Foods for a couple of things, and we wreaked havoc on that joint like nobody's business. First, when I was pawing through the pies, I managed to flip a lemon cream pie, rendering it useless (unless someone really is in the mood for a mushy-topped pie). Then, as we were in line, Jane popped the flower off the lily plant I got my mom for Easter, so I ran back to the display and switched it out. Then, when I came back, I saw that Greg had dropped our fruit salad all over the floor, so I had to grab another one. So:

Lemon creme pie: $10
Lily: $10
Fruit salad: $17
Being humiliated beyond all reason before 9 a.m.: priceless

Guess we should stick with Stop & Shop. We clearly can't handle the fancy-pantsiness of Whole Foods.

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lgaumond said...

I thought this story was going to end with finding that Jane had walked out with something she didn't pay for. I always feel humiliated and out of place in Whole Foods, too. I think they like it that way.

But anyway, happy cookies/candy/chips/chocolate day to you and good luck with Easter dinner!