Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is a low day for me. Between auditions last week for my show and working late this week for my actual paying job, I've been absent at home more than I'd like to be, and more than is normal. Because of this, Jane has gotten weird about me - when I am home, she's extremely clingy, and extremely tragic when I'm not paying attention to her. This makes me feel so wretched and guilty and all the horrible things associated with being a full-time working mom who is trying to also maintain a hobby. Today was a truly upsetting morning - Jane was so miserable all morning, and when I dropped her off a daycare she freaked. In addition, a ton of the kids in her room apparently have had a fever/bronchial infection type of thing, and are being sent home left and right. So now it's only a matter of time until Jane gets it - no doubt right in time for the weekend. Nothing like feeling like you're dropping off your child in a pool of nasty.

When I left daycare, I totally broke down, and that repeated itself a couple of more times today. This is hard shit, people. I break down my life right now and I see four main things that take up my energy and time:

1) Jane
2) my job
3) my show
4) exercise

So what goes? Not Jane, not work, obviously. The exercise thing really only adds up to four hours a week or so, but you'd be surprised at how hard it is to schedule. I tend to get up at 5 and go then, or on the weekends. It's important to keep doing, because after having THE GESTATIONAL DIABETES I have about a 40% higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than your average person. Exercise is a big way to avoid that.

So that leaves the show. And not this specific show - which, separate from everything else, I am SO excited about, and know it's going to be so great, and know that it's going to suck up so much of my life over the next seven weeks - but shows in general. Last year it was easy to do my summer show - Jane was only one and didn't really care as much if I, personally, was home. Now she definitely cares. Which makes me feel like total shit.

So after July 18, I will most likely be taking yet another year break from trying to maintain my own life and identity. It's surprising how mostly OK I am with that. And I SHOULD be OK with that. Jane is my number-one priority. But wish I could squeeze two or three more hours out of each day. Or win the PowerBall.


lgaumond said...

I wish I could give you a cupcake and a hug right now.

Lora said...

when Jake was Jane's age I had a terrible time leaving him. And being with him. And breathing. I just loved him so much because it is such an awesome age that it tore me apart to be somewhere far from him. When we were together he was so much over the top that he exhausted me so I felt about ready to melt.

It got better.

But now I'm right back there again.

I'm of no help here, I know. But I understand. And that is important. I think.

Amanda said...

I will take any flavor cupcake, Lisa, but you should eat it, because it's your bday!

Lora -understanding is definitely help.