Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Amanda Day.

So I declared today "Amanda Day" and took the day off from work. Here is my recipe for a great day off:

1) Fan-freakin-tastic weather. Sunny and high 80s today. Gorgeous.
2) Solo boat time. I went down to our boat and just hung out and read for a few hours. Got some vitamin D the all-natural way. Ate some lunch.
3) Visited my favorite bookstore. I love, love triple-love this place.
4) Got an iced mocha and sat on a bench in the shade outside the bookstore and read the beginning of my new book. The past two books I've read have been for the book clubs I am in, so it was nice to choose something for myself on my own. (Note: I did pick The Weird Sisters for one of my book clubs - and I completely loved it. We have the meeting at my house on Friday.)
5) Sang loud and proud to my new favorite Broadway soundtrack on the way there and back. With the air conditioner on in the car AND the windows open!
6) What is a day off without a trip to Target? Hollow and empty, that's what it is. Somehow I spent $84. I was literally second-guessing the cashier. But no, really, I did spend that much.


PS I am noticing all the book talk here. I am such a nerd.


lgaumond said...

Yay for Amanda day!! It sounds like a perfect Lisa day, actually.

I've never been to R.J. Julia. You must take me there sometime.

I would love to borrow the Weird Sisters if no one else has called it, but please do not give me you new "Heartbreaking and darkly humorous." book, that one's all yours.

You were so good at Amanda day today, I think you should do it again tomorrow.

Debra said...

oooooo. Thx for sharing your 'Amanda Day'. I lived it vicariously through reading about yours .


"you have to spend your pity-party time making your kid feel better about what just happened. EVEN IF IT IS HER FAULT". <-- ha ha ha.

I KNOW! NO one tells your that!


Buy and wear big safety goggles beginning right now. I'm serious. I love The Jane too, but it will be much more difficult for you to blog blind, and I neeeeeeed to read your blog. ;)

Patti Murphy said...

Fricken A, Amanda. So jealous. Can you order up some of that weather for me the next time I take a day off?

Obviously, you had good company--yourself.

Stereo said...

Sigh. I could really, really do with a personal day right about now. Weather sounds freakin' amazing.