Monday, June 06, 2011

a Monday quick hit

Two things of interest today:

1) I realized I have never, ever, not for any reason ever gone on Craigslist. I don't even know how it works. But it seems to get a lot of people in trouble.

2) I think it's hysterical when Jane calls Greg "Greg." As in, "Greg, where's my iPad?" (NOTE: it is not hers.)

Bonus thing of interest (extreme interest to me, anyway):

I am going to Los Angeles next week for approximately 36 hours. It's for work. I somehow have a situation where I am going to LA for work. This does not happen. It is a stupid amount of travel in two days, but we will have some down time, and we will use it, oh yes we will. And if I don't see at least one celebrity, I will ban LA from my life FOREVER.

(This will be my first time there. Can you tell?)


Stereo said...

I'd like to hear Jane call Greg, "Greg" too, it sounds like it would be hilarious and adorable rolled into one. Hilorable.

You my feelings about you going to LA a good three months BEFORE I am due to arrive there.

Tracy said...

Enjoy! LA can be a lot of fun. Hopefully the weather will be fab and you will have a blast. :)