Monday, June 13, 2011

writing this post made this week seem even more ridiculous.

This week feels like it might be one of the craziest of my life. And it goes a little something like this:

Monday: Work as usual. Laundry. Cleaning. Nighttime nonsense as usual.

Tuesday: Work as usual. Pack for epic work trip to LA. Go see my niece perform a song at an event. Go to bed. Don’t sleep because I am worried about waking up early.

Wednesday: Get up at three-something. AYEM, people. Probably not shower. Finish packing. Go pick up Beth (the lucky lady who gets to travel with me) at, like, four-something. AYEM. Get on plane. Stop somewhere (I don’t remember where. DC? Dallas? Somewhere.) Get on another plane. Land in LA. Marvel at sun and palm trees. Crash at hotel. Shower. Wander. Do assorted work-related (read: fun theater stuff) at night. Be jet-lagged.

Thursday: Go to morning meeting for work-related purposes (read: theater stuff). See what LA has to offer in the afternoon and evening. See celebrities. Possibly run off with a celebrity (Jon Hamm? Mark Ruffalo? I'm available!) Hopefully not end up at TGI Fridays. (Because this is what Beth and I do.It is unfortunate. I fear that if we were in Paris, the same thing would happen. I don't even go to Fridays here. Just when I'm in major American cities.) Get on red-eye back to CT at 10:45 p.m.

Friday: Stop somewhere (Chicago? Somewhere?). Get on another plane. Land in Hartford. Drop Beth off at her house. FLY to Jane’s end-of-year picnic at school. If I can’t make it, make sure Greg can (it’s at 11, so we are cutting it extremely close). Come home. Unpack. Laundry. Pack for vacation at the beach. Get dogs’ stuff ready for dogsitter. Clean. Drive to beach. Put sheets on bed. Pass out.

Saturday: Start vacation for reals!

And this is if everything goes as planned. HA HA HA HA OH GOD PLEASE.


PS If you oh-so-unfortunately follow me on Twitter, you know that I live-tweeted the shit out of the Tonys last night. And my newest love, The Book of Mormon, took home nine shiny awards, including Best Musical. I was super-excited, almost as if I was in the show myself, or a producer or something. But no, no, I am just a tremendous theater dork. Please click on the links below to enjoy three of my favorite parts of the Tonys last night! You won't regret it!


Dwayne "The Train" said...

i think you pisspelled something in your title. said...

Whoa. Big.Fun.Life.

Off to read your Tweets from last night!


Ruby's nose is out of joint that you haven't commented on her last RT. What have you been doing anyway!?!?!?!? (ha ha I'm so funny)

lgaumond said...

My favorite part of this post is that you will actually put sheets on the bed at the beach house before collapsing on it. I would totally sleep, fully-clothed, on the bare mattress after a week like this one!

Good luck, please do not forget to live-tweet LA. I want to pretend I'm there with you two.

Stereo said...

Your life is amazing.


'Nuff said.