Saturday, July 23, 2011


Approximately 30 minutes ago, my girl Jane turned four years old. And in this moment, I am sitting next to her after a hectic day returning from vacation, watching her new copy of Tangled, and smelling the grape Tinkerbell lip balm she is generously applying to half of her face. She is so perfectly four.

Today I went on an epic cleaning spree in her toy box and book case. I!m pretty OK with throwing out her old toys, but I really had to steel myself when I weeded out the books from when she was a baby. When we would review over and over the pictures, me asking her to identify things, her pointing proudly, all before she could even speak a word clearly.

Now, well, most days she never stops talking. We needed to make room for more big kid books. And soon - only 13 months - she'll need room for school books. Today she got her first real bike. Sometimes it feels like we'll be shopping for her wedding dress tomorrow.

But she still calls bathing suits "bathing soups." and she still holds my ear for comfort. So, yes - I am perfectly happy with her being perfectly four.

Happy birthday to my favorite girl.


Stereo said...

Happy Birthday to you Jane, you darling girl!

I hope you had a wonderful, blessed day :)

Dwayne "The Train" said...

please remind me tomorrow to try that whole "hold your ear for comfort" thing. i want to see what jane gets out of it.

Unknown said...

My little one turns four in November. I am so in love with this age. She is a snuggle bug and can't get enough hugs and snuggles. I love it. Happy Birthday to Jane! What a wonderful day!

ShanLeigh said...

Enjoy every moment. I wish my baby girl was four again. I wish she would stay four the rest of her life.

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Kim said...

I'll preface this comment by saying that I am not a person who swoons over many child-related things. But I just felt the hugest, warmest squeeze on my heart. I hope four treats you both very kindly.