Wednesday, July 13, 2011

soooooo freaking psyched

Don't you love how much I complain about how busy I am on this blog? Well, there's more where that came from!

This week has been chaos, between working on my big summer writing project at work, along with purging and moving offices with the rest of my department this week. I'm sadfacing over it, because I'm moving out of the office I've lived in for eight of my 10.5 years at my workplace. At the same time, boy, did I throw out a lot of shit. So that's...good? Right? Glass half full? Plus I will be near a window! With natural light! Did I already tell you this? I can't remember.

In addition, I am packing - OK, I am at least thinking about packing - for vacation number two this summer, which begins this weekend. We are renting a house in Rhode Island with some friends and their kids and I. Can. Not. Wait. Soooo freaking psyched for this.

Right now I am looking out the window, spying on people looking at my next door neighbors' house, which was put up for sale this week. This is another thing I am soooo freaking psyched about. I am not a fan of these neighbors and am happy to see them go. I know this makes me a jerk, but believe me, if you knew the whole story, you would agree.

I am also soooo freaking psyched for Susanna Conway's August Break this year. Do you remember when I did this last year? I posted a photo a day at least five days a week - it was an easy way to blog, without many words, but got me into the habit of stopping by here more often. I've been saving my summer photos for just this occasion! I tweeted her and she said she was doing it again. So stay tuned.

What are you sooooo freaking psyched about these days?


Patti Murphy said...

Double-glad for you--upcoming vacation and icky neighbours moving (here in Canada, we spell neighbours with a "u"). I hope they get their asking price immediately.

Bad neighbours can be a sink of bad karma.

Enjoy the vacation. I'm also excited for my upcoming vacation and pleased about life in general, in spite of some family health challenges. Thanks for asking.

Tracy said...

Fun fun fun! Enjoy! Bad neighbors do an indeed stink! I hope the new ones are much better! I'm psyched about Autumn and cooler weather being only a month away. :D

The Thumber said...

So glad you are enjoying another vacation! Can't wait to hear about it.