Monday, October 02, 2006

bad, LOST fan...bad!

I'm a bad LOST fan. The show has its third season premiere this week, and I'm not very excited about it. This time last year, I was practically peeing in my pants, I was so giddy that this, my favorite show, was about to start again. But for some reason, I'm not losing any sleep over it this year. I'm wondering if this is the year where they completely lose me - where I have no idea what is going on to the point of not caring anymore.

I know - this is shocking, especially to anyone who knows what a rabid fan I've been in the past. And I still am, I promise - but I think this year they are going to have to really win me over in the first few episodes, because things got a little dull there during season two. I mean, I liked the season finale - but it was one of only a few episodes last season that really gripped me, unlike the first season, when every single episode was awesome.

And don't worry, Josh Holloway, you are still my television boyfriend, no matter how I feel about the show itself.

In other news, do you think Flannery will ever update her blog again? Rumor has it some big-time things have happened since she last updated on September 12.


Flann said...

I updated tonight! I was like "Hey, I got married ... I should update." So I did. Then I was like "Hey, I should check out everyone else's blogs." So I did.

I just don't believe that it's TV premiere season already. I feel like I missed giant chunks of the summer and I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

lgaumond said...

I figured Flannery had strained her wrist muscles tossing back pina coladas in Mexico and she'd update when the pain went away.