Sunday, October 15, 2006

UConn Huskies spreading Rumors at the Lapin Agile

Well, it was a busy weekend.

Friday night I went to see the play Rumors in Goshen. My friend Donna directed it and my friend Tony was in it. For those of you who follow my theatrical happenings (and I know you all do, with baited breath, no less) you know I was in a production of Rumors this past spring. It was funny to watch the show knowing every single line, and seeing all the differences in their production from ours. It was really good though. But seriously, what's up with Goshen? It seems like there is absolutely nothing going on in that town. Deb and I got there early, so we stopped at an ice cream place down the road from the was basically the only thing open, and I had a strong feeling we were going to be murdered by a serial killer. The whole desolate small town thing was completely freaking me out. We went to a little cast party after the show in Litchfield. I was completely exhausted when I got home.

Saturday Greg and I went to the UConn Huskies football game. I wasn't too psyched about it, but it was a beautiful day out. In fact, it was so beautiful and sunny that I fell asleep during the game. What a dork! The real fun of Saturday was Saturday night, of course, because that's when I got to see my friend Alan in his final performance as Picasso in Picasso at the Lapin Agile at Hole in the Wall. The play was very sensual, and his accent was not at all Transylvanian. I could explain that last sentence, but he'll know what I mean. I would tell you all to go see it, but alas, it's over. In fact, I can guarantee that Alan is suffering some post-show letdown today. It's always super-depressing when a great theater experience is over. Great job, Alan!

And speaking of the thea-tah, I am supposed to be working on my lines for my show right now. I have such a small part that I've devoted no time whatsoever to getting off book, and I kinda really need to do it today and tomorrow, since we're supposed to be completely off book by Tuesday. Plus, I'm going to be running rehearsals this week because the director can't be there, so I won't be able to use my spare time at rehearsals to learn my lines. I don't know why I am being so lazy with this show. I think it's because I need a theater break. many times have we heard that one? Anyway, I'm off to rehearsal soon.


Flann said...

I agree, it was quite sensual. Did you wish you had auditioned after all?

Alan said...

HA!! Yes, I laughed out loud at the sensual, Transylvanian reference. Glad you liked the show. I am feeling kind of down now that the show is over - it was so much fun to do!