Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sorry I've been a little absent from blogland lately. I just had a really depressing week and I didn't want to write about it.

However, yesterday I did, in fact, do something fun. Greg and I went down to NYC to see a taping of "The Colbert Report." We are HUGE fans and proud members of Colbert Nation, and we watch it every single night (well, technically, we watch it usually in a huge chunk on the weekend, courtesy of TiVo). So I signed up online a few months ago to see if we could be part of the studio audience. Lo and behold, I received an email back in July saying that we could come on October 9. I thought it was a joke - seriously, I thought it was spam - but then I got a confirmation email in September and finally believed that it was real.

We took the train down in the early afternoon, got lunch, and headed to his studio on West 54th. We got there at 3:30 (they let you in at 6, and strongly suggest you get there at least an hour and a half earlier than that, so I thought two and a half hours was even better). Sure enough, we were the first ones in line, but not by much - within a half hour there were probably 50 people in line. The studio only holds 100. Around 6 they let us into a little holding room (which had a bathroom, thank God), and announced they would be seating people based on the number that was on the ticket they gave you when you came in - and, because we RULE, we were numbers 1 and 2. So we were right in the front row when we finally got into the studio (which is tiny, incidentally). We couldn't have been more than 10 feet away from his desk!

A stand-up comedian came out to warm the crowd up, then the stage manager went over all of the rules (clap loud, laugh hard, have fun) and then Stephen Colbert came out to say hi and answer some questions before taping started. He seemed really cool and it was just fun to see how everything worked from a behind-the-scenes perspective. Then it was on with the show!

The guest was musician Randy Newman (he has written music for lots of movies), and when they were filming him playing a song, they also got me and Greg (and others who were sitting around us) on tape, and you can totally see us on TV. We look like big goobers, but we sure do look like we're having fun too! Stephen's brother was sitting behind us, and when they were done with the show, Stephen came over and hugged his brother and said, "I have to leave immediately. It's my anniversary!" I thought that was funny.

The whole thing only took an hour - less than that, really - so I'm not sure if I will ever devote that much time to going to a taping of a TV show again, but we had a great time and it was definitely the best part of the last week.

And that's The Word.


lgaumond said...

That's AWESOME! Did the show air already? I want to see you two goobers on TV.

The Diva said...

The show just kills me. Were bears on the threat down again?

Amanda said...

Lisa - it did air already, on Monday night and re-ran on Tuesday. Maybe they will play it again this week -it's with Randy Newman as the guest. Melissa - no Threatdown on Monday, but man, I love that segement! Bears!