Sunday, October 01, 2006

everybody loves a parade

So, the parade that I was supposed to be in today - the world-famous Apple Harvest Festival Parade in Southington - was postponed until next week because of the rain. Southington Community Theatre has been in this parade for the past couple of years. We have a little float and everything. I know I'm a bad person and everything but I was kind of relieved, because I just wasn't in the mood to sit and wave to strangers all afternoon. As much as I love being on stage, I really feel awkward and strange being in a parade. Because, like, why should these people care about me? It's not like I'm the Apple Harvest Queen or anything fancy like that.

But today also brought some good Southington-based news. My mother was telling me about a new dog park they have in town, so I took a drive by on my way home from my mother's. It's just a smallish fenced-in area, but it's oh-so-popular amongst the dog owners in Southington! It was great to see all the dogs running around, unleashed and having a fun, carefree time. I cannot wait to bring Junior and Jimmy down there.

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