Saturday, November 18, 2006

the daily show

Alan and I decided that we were going to try to write every day for the next couple of weeks. Let's see who keeps up with it, eh?

Last night I went to Simmer Grille in West Hartford. It was pretty good, but a tiny bit too expensive for the food, I think. I had onion soup with blistered cheeses (I heart cheese), and salt and herb-crusted French cut chicken with mashed potatoes. It was good - I think I will be going back at some point.

Over the past couple of days, Greg and I have been watching "The Comeback," which we Netflixed. It was an HBO show about a woman (played by Lisa Kudrow) who is a former big TV star, who is making her comeback via a reality show and a small part on a cheesy sitcom. It's super-uncomfortable to watch (kind of like "The Office") but I think she does a great job and I am enjoying it.

I now have to get ready so I can meet up with my friend Deb for dinner and The Pajama Game. Talk to you tomorrow! : )

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Flann said...

A noble challenge! I'm excited because I enjoy reading both of your blogs. Maybe I'll try it, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed the blistered artisan cheese and the chicken. Good to know I steered you well in our menu-consultation session.