Friday, November 17, 2006


Remember that Cranberries song, "Zombie"? Now it's going to be stuck in my head all day. I've been awake since 430 a.m., so I also think it's going to be the theme song of my day.

Anyway, not to sound too cliche, but thank God it's Friday. This has been a super-busy week, work-wise, and I still haven't kicked this cold, so I am ready for some good down time. Here's what's up:

Today: Work. Leave work early, maybe go shopping for bday present for Heather. Tonight we are going to dinner at Simmer with Matt and Cathy. Hope it's good - the menu sure looks tasty!

Saturday: Tomorrow is the first Saturday I haven't had plans during the day in over a month. I'm psyched. I'm sure Greg and I will just do our routine - get some lunch, read some magazines, go look at some puppies. Saturday night I am going to see some of my old Rumors peeps in The Pajama Game in Simsbury. Meeting up with my friend Deb before for dinner.

Sunday: We are going to a baptism for the baby of a couple of friends of ours. I wonder if there will be cake? : )

Have a good one!


Flann said...

I hear you on the zombie thing. I am too old to be going out on work nights, I guess! Well, I should say, too old to be going out on work nights and bringing home a husband who gets up every hour.

The Diva said...

Have a great time! Good to talk to you - and have a fabulous time with the non-theatrical stuff.