Monday, November 27, 2006

Junior the dastardly dog

Well, in an interesting turn of events, Junior was the bad dog tonight. Jimmy has held that title pretty much since he got here. Tonight, Greg made up some chicken, and had cut it up, mixed it up with some stuff and was making some improvised chicken tacos. He left the chicken in a bowl on the kitchen counter and was with me in the living room when we heard Junior trying to get to something. Now, sure, he's a big dog and he can sometimes lick things off the counter, but when we walked in, he had both front paws up on the counter and he was eating directly out of the bowl. I swear, up on his hind legs he's taller than me! And to top it all off, he pulled the same stunt a while later when I left a bowl of pasta on the counter (much further back) (obviously I should have learned my lesson).

It seems Junior's learned himself a fine new trick. Bad dog!


Alan said...

HAHA!! So, did you you have vegetarian tacos tonight? :)

lgaumond said...

Awwww... you can't be mad at a face like that!

Flann said...

But look at his big nose!!!!

At least the two of them aren't in cahoots. You could have a big mess on your hands if Jimmy stood on Junior's head or something. They'd be unstoppable!

The Diva said...

I cannot tell you how much food I have lost to Vegas this way. The other day he got an entire loaf of bread off of the top of the microwave - he ate the whole thing and most of the plastic bag.