Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm a failure baby, so why don't you kill me

Continuing my trend of failing pregnancy blood tests, I didn't score well on the aforementioned glucose tolerance test. I came back around 130-something, and anyone with a score over 130 has to go for a super-awesome, not-annoying-at-all three and a half hour test. So Thursday morning at 7:30, I'll be at the lab. This time I get to get my blood taken after fasting all night, then I get to drink the gross orange stuff again and get my blood taken, and then three more times (once each hour). AWESOME.

I have already done some research on gestational diabetes, and know a couple of people who have had it. Seems like I would have to do a major diet overhaul (what? my carbs and sugar diet isn't working?) and test my blood a few times a day to see how things are going. Sometimes insulin gets involved, but I think that if it's really bad. Not sure. I'm going to take this one one day at a time.

But I did get to wear a cute tank top that my cousin lent me today, so that's cool.


lgaumond said...

Well hey, if you get to wear a cute tank top... by the way, any new belly pictures? Those of us who don't see you everyday might like to behold the belly.

The Diva said...

You know, I'm getting a little fatigued of your overachiever mentality. Sigh. MUST you go on and on and just be different with ALL of your tests? Jeez. What an attention whore. I knew we were friends for a reason.