Friday, May 04, 2007

the musings of an extremely tired person who has been up since 4 a.m.

Ah, insomnia. You are back, like a sinus infection you can't get rid of. I had heard with the last trimester, insomnia becomes a big issue. You'd think, what with the exhausting job of housing your ever-expanding baby (and ever-expanding everything else) you'd be more capable of sleeping for many hours in a row. But no, no, no, you're completely awake in the middle of the night. And instead of falling asleep, you start thinking about calming topics like, oh, I don't know, labor and delivery. Ooooh - calming.

So I gave up and got up around 5 this morning. I think one of my main problems is I'm ready for bed by 7:30 most nights. I fight the tired for as long as I can, but I fall asleep around 9-9:3o, no matter how hard I try. So then, naturally, I'm up in the middle of the night. But I cannot remember the last time I got 8 hours of sleep. Seriously - I have no idea when that was. 1999 maybe? I wish I were kidding.

But anyway. At least it's Friday. This has been a pretty crazy week. I'm still coming down from the car incident (Greg tells me it wasn't really a car accident, but I hit something with my car, and it was an accident, so I think it's a car accident, but whatever) of Wednesday morning, and work has been really really busy, so I'm very pleased that it's Friday. I noticed yesterday I was starting to get a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions (basically, fake contractions where your belly gets really hard) so I think I really need to take it down a notch this weekend. Perhaps I'll go to bed at 8:30 instead of 9.

Something else we've been dealing with this week is the return of the ticks. The dogs have brought in several ticks, and we've become quite concerned that I'm going to end up contracting Lyme Disease and passing it on to baby. Now, note - no one cares if I get Lyme Disease - including me - it's that we don't want it passed on to Amanda Junior (no that's not the name). Well, I don't want to lie -I really, really don't want to get Lyme Disease - but I really, really really don't want to pass it on to AJ. So maybe I am ready to be a mother. Anywho, we've taken to keeping the dogs completely out of the bedroom, and they are extremely distressed, because they usually sleep with us. Of course, all of this has made me cry uncontrollably at least two times so far, because I have images of the dogs feeling rejected, sad, unloved, etc. When, in reality, they are probably like, "WTF? OK, whatever."

Unless my feet start swelling up like balloons today (and I have no reason to believe they will, except sometimes they just do), I'm going to go get a pedicure this afternoon after work. I am unnaturally excited about this. Although everyone has been so nice to me lately and telling me how great I look, all I can see are the bags under my yes and the general puffiness of myself, so I want my toes to look pretty. As with everything else I do, I looked it up on to make sure it was OK, and since there's no proof that I'm going to break the baby by getting some nail polish on my toes, I'm there.

WOW - I don't think I've ever rambled so much on my blog. Have a great weekend everyone.


lgaumond said...

Yay! Glad to see you're feeling better and the baby isn't squishing your sense of humor. Enjoy your pedicure. I think of you on Wednesday nights when I watch "Notes from the Underbelly". So funny. If you aren't watching it, you should.

The Diva said...

Ok, first of all, pedicures have medicinal qualities as far as I'm concerned (if not physical, then at least mental.) So I vote you give yourself one every two weeks from here on out. Combine the pampering with the intellectual pursuit of an US Weekly and you're set!

Second of all, you might want to check into your local Scott's service- they have a flea and tick program for summer. They hose down the yard with something and it kills about 85% of the ticks and fleas and anything with wings in the general vincinity of your area. So fewer bugs for J and J, and less exposure for AJ.