Tuesday, May 22, 2007

OMG, the Bachelor finally picked the right girl!

If you know me, you know that one of the most embarassing things I will admit about myself is that I watch "The Bachelor." It's an incredibly cheesy dating show, where every episode features "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!!!!" and often includes some pretty sweet catfights between the ladies fighting for the lucky guy who is The Bachelor. This year, it was a Navy lieutenant who was a very nice guy - smart, good-looking, all that jazz - he actually seemed fairly normal and non-ass-like, which is unusual for "The Bachelor."

Last night was "the most romantic finale ever!!!!" and it came down to Bevin and Tessa as his two final choices. Now, in all of the seasons I've watched this show (and "The Bachelorette") they NEVER pick the girl/guy that I want them to. Well, this time Andy came through for me and picked Tessa. I liked her because she very often seemed kind of horrified at the whole "Bachelor" process, and wanted to bail a few times, but genuinely seemed to like the guy enough to hang in there. She seemed as normal and smart and regular as he did.

Now that they are engaged, do I think they'll make it forever? I think they have a much better chance then pretty much any other pairing I've seen on this show. But how real is reality TV romance?

Now excuse me -I have to go watch PBS for a while.


lgaumond said...

Oh come on now, that's not the most embarrssing thing you could admit.

Amanda said...

No, but it's the most embarrassing thing I WILL admit.