Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the whole goal of my life right now.... to be able to stay up for the season finale of "Lost" tonight. In real life, staying up 'til 11 is not a major issue, but it seems to be these days.

Sad? Oh yes, beyond words. But this is my ultimate goal of the evening. The thing is, yeah, I could TiVo it and watch it tomorrow night, but then the damn Internets will screw everything up for me and tell me what happens before I watch it. See, a major character is supposed to die tonight. And I don't want to mistakenly glance at MSN's entertainment news tomorrow morning to see that Terry O'Quinn or Matthew Fox or some other Lostie is out of a job.

So. Either I will stay up and watch the whole thing, or I will fall asleep and then get up early to watch the end before I go into work tomorrow. Or, God forbid, look at a computer.

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Flann said...

Did you make it? It was AWESOME.