Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just call me crash

So this morning I had my 28 week appointment with my doctor. There is something very "official" about 28 weeks -you're in the third trimester, you have to start looking out for symptoms of pre-term labor, you have to get a glucose test - you know, fun stuff like that. So my appointment went well.

The rest of the day, not so much. I was pulling into a space in our parking garage for work, and I somehow managed to push the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal, basically slamming my car up and over the curb and through the bottom rail that keeps your car from going through to the cars below. (I was on the top floor.) The bottom rail broke off and hit the two cars below, and somehow I managed to stop my car before it attempted to follow. I completely freaked out - I was really scared about the baby, above and beyond anything else, and to top it off, I really don't know how to handle a car accident, especially when no one else is around.

The very nice woman who is in charge of the garage took care of calling the guys whose cars I hit with the rail, as well as the people who manage the garage. Everyone came out, forms were filled out, the guys whose cars were on the receiving end of the rail were both very nice - one decided to just let the whole thing go (his car had minor, minor dings) and the other said he'd just get a quote and we could handle it however I wanted, either just pay him or through insurance (his door had a decent scratch on it). My car, on the other hand, is pretty beat up - the hood is all scratched up, the bumper is a bit out of place and scratched up - but mainly it seems cosmetic.

I called the doctor and she said I should be OK - to beware of any cramping, etc, that might happen, but she's sure I'm fine, and these things happen a lot. So as long as baby is OK, I will be thanking my lucky stars.

I feel like such a moron though. Guess it's time to go back to driving school. I never get in car accidents - this is not the time to do it, that's for sure. I'm just glad everyone was so super-nice to me, and I'm sure being a crying, pregnant lady had something to do with it. Sometimes it's just nice to see that people can be cool about stuff, and see the bigger picture.

In the meantime, I'm at home. I feel a little achy, but that's from the impact. I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel stiff. I guess it's just time to start taking it slower.

What a day.


Flann said...

I'm so glad you're okay! When Carolyn told us I was so freaked out. My stomach dropped because I could so see that happening to me.

I'm glad she drove you home. Take it easy. If you need anything, even help getting your car home, let me know.

lgaumond said...

Holy crap! I'm so glad you're OK!

The Diva said...

Thank HEAVENS you're ok, and so is Amanda Jr. Let me know if you need anything. Remember - "It's only a car, it's only a car, it's only a car."