Friday, June 01, 2007

just like Britney, he's not that innocent

Jimmy realized this week that he hasn't been to the vet in a while, so he decided to develop yet another ear infection and, as a bonus, swollen anal glands. So, it was off to the vet this morning to get the glands expressed and another round of ear medicine. The thing is, he's getting the ear infections from eating Junior's food (Jimmy has super-expensive fancy food that doesn't give him ear infections, but he doesn't like to eat his food. The ironic thing is, Junior loves it.). You would say, well, why not feed them both the same fancy expensive food, but we get Junior's food at cost and, let's face it, he's a big pup who eats big bowls of food. As it is, Junior's food=a lot of money every year. We don't want to spend the extra $$$ on food we don't need to buy. So the vet suggested feeding Junior at specific times and making sure Jimmy doesn't get to the food. But we free-feed the dogs, and with everything going on in our house now, we don't want to change something else in their schedules. So we're going to change Junior's food to something else we can still get at the Puppy Center, but with different ingredients, so hopefully Jimmy's ears will not be affected. I know this isn't the best solution, but it's the best solution for now.

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lgaumond said...

Awww.. JIMMY! I miss your pups. You need to bring them over to frolick with Molly again. (Does frolick have a "K"? Cold medicine does wonders to the parts of your brain that once remembered how to type and spell...)