Monday, June 11, 2007

yesterday was quite the day

The reason is, because it was my big baby shower (surprise!) and the Tony Awards!

Now, I'm no fool. I knew a baby shower was a'comin'. But I didn't know exactly when. I told my mother a long time ago that I wanted it to be a surprise. At the same time, we were running out of days it could take place. Greg told me that we were supposed to go to brunch with two of his work colleagues at Avon Old Farms yesterday. This is not an impossibility at all, so I was all like, "ugh," but I went. How happy was I when the room was full of people I knew instead? With a big 'ol table of lovely presents and a big brunch to eat? Oh yeah - I gave myself a free pass on the diet for the afternoon. A girl has got to enjoy her own shower. I stuffed myself silly and didn't feel guilty for one second.

I got lots of pink, girlie things and lots of stuff we registered for, and it was great. However, it was just another event that really made it seem like this was actually going to happen...and soon.

This picture is of me and my friend Cheryl, who is due six days after me. I feel like I'm starting to look......jolly.

So I went home after and crashed hard, but did manage to stay awake for the whole Tony Awards ceremony. I am such a nerd - but this is a huge night for me. I heart the Tonys hard. The Spring Awakening cast rocked it - and that show won eight Tonys (I think) including Best Musical. It's so cool to see a show that's original, young, rockin', and cool get the shiny trophies it deserves. Not that I have seen it - I just have the soundtrack - but from all accounts it's worth seeing, and I hope to see it soon.

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