Thursday, June 28, 2007

now we're ready.

I have bought not one single item of clothing for this impending baby. I have always felt like I was jinxing it. But as I get countless reminders from, pregnancy magazines, and friends to pack my bag for the hospital, I knew I had to have the perfect "coming home" outfit for the baby. And for all of the truly wonderful things we've been given, I just couldn't pick one thing.

As I was walking by BabyGap tonight, on my way to return some baby clothes to another store because we already have waaay to much, I saw the Product (RED) display at the front of the store and immediately had to check it out. Greg and I bought our Product (RED) shirts at the Gap the first day they came out last year - come on, when Bono tells Greg to do something, he does it - so when I saw this onesie, I knew I had to buy it. HAD TO. It was too perfect. I am hoping that instead of jinxing everything, instead it brings us good karma, as half of the proceeds go to help people with AIDS in Africa. I know, I know, I could have just written a $15 check and had all of the proceeds to go help people, but I want my baby to be an activist from DAY ONE. And I know khaki green isn't really a "girlie" color, but really, is this baby's mother very girlie either? I think not. Well, except for the huge belly.

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lgaumond said...

That's so funny! I was going to make you a "DIAPE(RED)" shirt, figuring Little Miss should follow Bono's lead, too! Gap beat me to it!