Saturday, June 02, 2007

the simple life

I feel like a horrible person when I say I feel a little bit of glee that Paris Hilton is off to the slammer for 23 days, beginning on Monday. She's just one of these so-called celebrities who are famous for no real reason except being extremely wealthy and social. If she did things with her money, like, you know, help other people and stuff, I would have much more respect. But it seems like she just looks at life as one, giant, glitzy party just for her.

Party's over.

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lgaumond said...

And, you know, I thought TV would be peaceful and Paris-free now that's she's in the slammer, but NO! Every newscast and gossip show has "her story", her mugshot, etc. Ug. I might have to get locked up myself just to avoid seeing her bitchy face!