Sunday, August 12, 2007

but at least I took a shower

Portait of a mother of a newborn: I just got back from stumbling around Babies R Us with several chocolate stains on my shirt (from the mocha I got at Barnes and Noble, because I was in desperate need of caffeine, because I got sooo little sleep last night, because Jane was up for a huge chunk of the night feeding, and then subsequently spitting up, including down my shirt and all over her two sleepers, so I had to get more sleepers at Babies R Us, because, come on, I can't be doing a load of her laundry every single day, it's not good for the environment to be wasting that much water) - anyway, chocolate stains on my shirt, hair pulled back in the most haphazard way imaginable, absolutely shaky and shell-shocked-looking from the lack of sleep and the caffeine, and not even caring a single bit about how I looked. Or how I was talking out loud to myself about how Carter's, who makes very cute baby stuff, seems to think all newborns are about 12 pounds and size their clothes that way, but Jane is only 7ish pounds, and while I like the way Carter's has the snaps at the bottom of the sleepers, versus the zippers on the Gerber ones that are hard to maneuver and require you to basically take off the entire sleeper when changing a diaper, I had to get the Gerber ones because they just fit better, and that company seems to understand that the average newborn is 7ish pounds, and not 12ish pounds. Gosh.

*the pic above is from last night, when she played on her little activity mat for the first time. It was so cute my heart hurt.

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lgaumond said...

I can picture it! In fact I've seen women like that at babies R Us many times before.