Friday, August 10, 2007

you know what's weird? (except totally not weird) the fact that I don't look pregnant anymore. Of course, the reason this is not weird is because I am, in fact, not pregnant anymore, what with having the baby and all. For a good week after, and sometimes still, even now, I find myself sort of "in tune" with my abdomen area, checking to see if the baby is moving. Especially at the end there, it was really important to me to feel her moving around - it was my assurance that everything was all right. This did not immediately go away after I had the baby. The movements did, of course, but my need to feel them didn't. Luckily, my need to feel her move around on the inside is quickly being replaced with my need to see her breathing, which I check, multiple times, when she's sleeping.

But anyway. Back to my topic. I gained about 30 lbs when I was pregnant, and lost about 22 so far, leaving me with 8 or so to go before I get back to my starting weight. I have a feeling these last few pounds will be most stubborn, and I'll probably hang on to them until after Christmas. I can't exercise yet, so I don't feel any pressure to actually do anything about it yet, and frankly, I'm pretty psyched I've come this far with relatively little effort (giving birth notwithstanding).

It's strange to look in the mirror and see the old me. While hauling around 30 lbs of pregnancy gut isn't always easy, it sure makes people generally be nice to you, and let you cross the street and stuff. Now cars fly by me, not caring at all if I make it to the other side alive or not. Maybe when I can actually take Jane out with me people will slow down again. I don't miss being pregnant, but I do miss the niceness it tends to bring out in strangers.

But now it's back to the regular me. Well, the regular me, plus a few pounds, a few stretch marks, and some dark circles under the eyes.

PS I know this blog entry is super-lame. But seriously, guys, I actually started an entry earlier today where I talked about the weather. I didn't even really have anything interesting to say, other than, wow, it's chilly out there for August, huh? I am the lamest of all lame people right now, so if you know me personally, and you have any gossip or anything, email me. I'm running on empty over here.


Flann said...

Not lame at all! I love your posts, they're like reading about a foreign country.

It's probably a lot easier to see if she's breathing than to feel if she's moving around, huh?

lgaumond said...

I was wondering that. You live with another human being attached to you - INSIDE you - for almost a year, and then BANG! you're alone. Well, busy on the outside, but alone on the inside. You must get used to the movement and weight and everything else and then suddenly it's gone. It has to be weird. But nice that no one is standing on your bladder or elbowing your spinal cord.