Friday, October 31, 2008

31 for 21

Yeah! I did it! 31 days, 31 blog entries (I know SOME PEOPLE don't think Noel's blog counted, but the majority did, so nah nah nah). Hope you enjoyed my non-stop complaining. But hey, give me some credit - 31 days of blogging is pretty major for me. I truly hope you clicked over to some of those blogs by parents of children with Down syndrome, because they really are wonderfully written.

I promise that I will post Halloween pics this weekend, but my camera died and I need to recharge it before I download the pics. So instead, I really really really want you to watch this video. Because it's hilarious, yet so so right, and Samantha Bee's commentary, while funny, also completely hits the nail on the head on why I will never, never, not ever vote for John McCain. I know some of you (Dwayne) don't like it when I post videos, but you must watch this.


Dwayne "The Train" said...

congratulations. i knew you could do it (even if you have to cheat).

lgaumond said...

I want to marry Jon Stewart. That was awesome. Not "awesome," just plain awesome.

And congratulations on your 31! In those 31 posts, there have been: one destroyed pair of glasses, a black eye, six sick baby days (really only six?), eight political posts, one cranky monkey, a trip to the vet, and 31 reasons that you must be exhausted. I don't know how you do it, lady.