Sunday, October 12, 2008

sick day.

So Jane has some sort of bug which has given her a pretty decent fever, stomach sickness, lethargy, etc. Poor thing woke up miserable and it has continued all day. Just put her to bed, still with a fever and overall yuck. I feel so badly for her. I don't know why it is I look forward to the weekends; something like this always happens.

In the back of my head I am getting steadily concerned for the upcoming week. Although I have tomorrow off because of the holiday (and will no doubt end up in the pediatrician's office), this work week coming up is one of the busiest I've had in months, and it's not the kind of week where I can work from home - it'd be totally impossible, in fact. And knowing that it usually takes a couple of days to catch a stomach bug, that would mean it would hit for me on......Tuesday.

My primary concern is, of course, for poor Jane. I hate that I'm thinking of myself at all. But as a working mom, this is just how my brain works. The balance seems impossible, sometimes.

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lgaumond said...

You know, no one would think any less of you if you just wrote:

"Oh great. Jane's puking again. And by Tuesday, I should be, too."

It's not selfish to fear the puke.

I hope Miss Jane feels better soon, and that your immune system is in prime bug-fighting shape.