Friday, October 03, 2008

rock the vote!

No, no, not THAT vote. I am exhausted by last night's election - not just that it was late, but that some people think Palin did SO WELL - why? WHY, PEOPLE? Because she didn't completely choke? Because she didn't start crying? Because what I saw was someone who was prepared on SOME questions, and who evaded other, direct questions to funnel back to the topics on which she felt most comfortable. Also, I can't stand her. Especially the cutesy shit. I DO in fact want someone MUCH smarter than me to be President, not someone who is just like me, or, God forbid, not as smart as me. See? I can't write about this election anymore, because it makes me all rageish.

No, the topic to vote on is about tonight. See, I actually have plans tonight to go out with one of my friends from my newspaper days. We are supposed to eat, drink and be merry - so what will happen to make me have to cancel? Your choices are:

A) Jane gets sick (the obvious choice)
B) Jimmy has some highly unusual medical problem that has to be seen by a vet immediately, if not sooner
C) Something happens to the boat and Greg has to go down to Old Saybrook
D) I get sick

Or perhaps a lovely combination of a couple of those choices! Vote now!


lgaumond said...

Jimmy! I vote Jimmy. You can always count on him for an expensive, last-minute trip to the vet to screw up your plans.

The Diva said...

I want to vote for Jimmy but I don't want anything bad to happen to him!