Monday, October 19, 2009

project small joys: candy corn

Confessions of a Candy Corn-aholic
Fact: I am completely in love with candy corn.
Fact: It is probably my favorite candy in the whole world, its only real competition being those conversation hearts at Valentine's Day.
Fact: I ate a huge, huge bag of those delicious nuggets this weekend. Well, mostly Sunday. Well, mostly Sunday during Jane's nap. It wasn't a tremendously long nap, either.
Fact: I felt absolutely disgusting when I was done. I seriously couldn't move or I thought I would puke.
Fact: Even if I had puked, I will never be immune to the deliciousness of candy corn.
And, in conclusion: If you want me to love you, bring me candy corn.


Anonymous said...

LOL.... I am also a candy-corn-aholic. Don't feel bad, been there done that.

Audrey said...

HA HA HA! My favorite part is that last bit about even if you had puked, it wouldn't have diminished your love of candy corn. I know that feeling sooo well.

lgaumond said...

God, I love candy corn and I will eat it until it makes me puke. Why is it so good?